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I Too, Am Singing America

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I too sing America

I am the subversive Brother
seated before the t.v. with the millions
like me, waiting for us
to rush the meet and greet, so
that we may settle into our seats
for the Presidents’ speech

They smirk and chuckle
wink and grin, then nod in agreement
and applaud for him
in contradiction of what they’ll represent
when it is time for the vote…
I sit and clap with everybody else

Singing America

With my Congressmen somewhere in
these chambers reprimanded in echo
for how they have let me down, with
how we whom represent have failed
to take our leader’s words to action
as opposition press a stalemate to plan

How some of our very own
refuse to take a stand, despite all
support received from their constituency,
I’ve been hoodwinked, we’ve been
deceived, relieved from overseeing and
sent home with a mirror like the Native Indians

But i will continue, to sing

Tomorrow, we, will need to see our word
in the ink, WE will be the work towards
it’s ends, when OUR government comes
to petition our demands at our committees
for it’s defense
; none will dare mock me
for listening in for his commitments, then

Besides, they’ll know
how powerful
I am
on the ground
with The People, and
they’ll be arraigned…

I too, am America


– ToneAre


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