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ToneAre’s Animated Instruction: The Art of Intercourse, For Men

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Intercourse is more an art than a sport. For Men, the analogy might be difficult to grasp, as we are typically conditioned to relate to aspects of our world with respects to our ability to dominate them. It is rare when a Man approaches anything on the premise of experimentation. While both the athlete and the artist depend on a passion to exercise talent, it is the artist whom does so conscious that the success of what he delivers is distinguished by how it is interpreted by those who receive it. If you are a Man it would behoove you to withstand any threat the notion of such vulnerability might bring up for you, in duly noting what viewing sex as a mutual exchange might make possible as much as it might entail.

Considering intercourse and specifically penis to vagina penetration, in the practical context of sensation, what life might your instrument be taking on for her is the question you want to ask yourself moment to moment throughout the course of the act. Reconsidering the language ascribed to the action can be a start towards altering a host of conventions one might assume while perpetuating a misguided exchange. A distinction is in fact made by some, which claims sexual intercourse to be better described as an act of inception than penetration. One searching for an accessible way to think about it might get how physiologically the vagina can be compared to a mouth, and the penis a spoon; satisfaction will not come out of forcing forward, but rather, from pulling back. The metaphor can serve to compliment his anatomy as much as it would hers, taking into account the curvatures of a penis and how like a spoon, to gather a denser impulse back is to get the most out of your motion.

Making for an orgasmic experience goes beyond identifying how nerve endings factor in most powerfully though. The orgasmic experience is more than physical; it is psychological, spiritual even. Establishing and pacing the mood in bed reflects all the nuances of an intimate conversation over drinks. Comprised in the interaction is a rhythm which navigates through the flirtatious to the committal, back, and every which way between. One can listen close and inquire what every touch, what every movement is saying to them: “you like that?” “yes, little-by-little” “you don’t know how much I needed this today!” “again…”. In turn, it is imperative that we pay the same attention to how our own moves correspond. Nobody wants to find themselves constantly wandering into “where are we?” land. Neither does she find it fun when you skip to the pictures in the book. It is totally possible to discover how your partner wants to perform, and always necessary. As is the case with a good musician, being familiar with your chords and keys will give you the facility to cover some old tunes and improvise some new ones. But you still need a good ear to work that chemistry.

As guys we get absorbed in either doubt or conceit, with a tendency to revisit inquiry into whether the size is right, or how we style and range compared to past lovers. Engaging the ego in such erroneousness is a form of masturbation and can potentially obscure the dialectic that is good sex. While it might work for some Men for some time, such motivation inevitably begins to factor less for his female counterpart the longer her own expectations are consistently thwarted by his self construct. Communication is eventually cheapened in order to play up to the fallacy it is built upon. With a willingness to cede the rigid security implicit in having control, comes the organic fluidity in an exchange of mutual interests. You might even inspire her to resume doing the little things she stopped bothering with some time ago!

Two people coming into a relationship with a healthy sexual awareness will undoubtedly enjoy the fortune of long eventful nights together. If one of
the two has mastered self and brings with their groove an informed eagerness to please the other, the other is sure to come away compelled to a quest for further enlightenment as soon as schedules allow an earliest convenience. Most catch on eventually, whether it comes before the legal drinking age or after three children and a divorce. So don’t give up on yourself, we’re not talking about rocket science here. After all, what is life but a portrait you notice something different in or get a new meaning out of, every time you shift your focus back to it? That is: if you’re keeping open to that newness…

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