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White American Terrorist

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A couple of months ago I had the pleasure of coming out as an usher in my sisters wedding. The reception was held in a beautiful ball room in Staten Island. A bit frustrated that allergies had kicked in and I could hardly breath, I checked out early to an upstairs suite. It was there that laying down with my elbow draping my eyes, I was surprised by conversation from a young employee stacking chairs.

For a while I flowed with him in a seamlessly cordial fashion. When he transitioned into asking whether I followed politics though, my shields went up (Staten Island is the only overwhelmingly Republican borough in NYC. And some are more ‘conservative’ than the conservatives in the other boroughs *if you get my drift). I knew where the conversation was going to go:

“He wants to take our tax dollars and send it all to Africa,” Oh really I thought to myself (if thoughts could smirk), as he continued on. “If you look at history, all of the decisions Obama is making, is the exact same way Hitler started on his rise to power.”

Classic Tea Bagger!

It’s a conversation one will have to get used to either having or eluding here on the lost borough. By the post office down in the RoseBank Section it is commonplace to see an Obama mustached table set up with pro gun/ small government rhetoric, and red & black Paladino signs pepper the island two months after the mid-term elections. That day, I chose to elude, offering a simple “yea?” “really?” or “Wow” after each laughable assertion. Memories of being chased out of Bensonhurst some 15 yrs ago still race fresh in my mind.

“He wants to take our guns”
“He’s going to give the country to the Blacks”
“I want to see his birth certificate”
“He’s a communist,” “He’s a marxist,” “He’s a socialist.”

Since Obama’s election gun registration has gone up in record numbers.

We saw this coming years before 2008, as illustrated for example, in Michael Moore’s Bowling For Columbine, which dedicates a scene to the Michigan Militia (an armed group which is permitted to train and operate in the woodlands of Michigan). We’ve been seeing it coming with the rise of the National Rifle Association, and it’s affiliation with the Right Wing. We’ve seen that a great sector of American society, particularly the middle class white anglo saxon from middle America, were getting increasingly radical. We saw that cats have been organized.. we just had kind of yet seen the cat let out of the bag; that any of it meant anything but a citizens’ right to bare arms


You consider that Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols; the duo recognized for staging the Oklahoma Bombings, were associates who attended meetings with the NRA supported Michigan Militia… a fact which would have sent the FBI to raid their offices had it been a less influential organization.


You were following when 9 members of a Huratree Christian Militia were arrested last March, for using those same woods to train for an attack on police.

If you’ve been following that long, you saw it coming in the 1963 bombing of a Baptist Church, which killed four girls in Birmingham Alabama. In March 2010 Huratree dailies were calling the 9 conspirators: members of a “Christian Fringe Group”. Still today, it is almost natural to attribute the bombing of four Black American girls in 1963 to a “White Supremacist group”. Thus, we have a problem acknowledging something in America, and it is evident in our hesitance to bring these isolated events together in calling it for what it is: Terrorism!

To some, such matter of recognition is nothing new at all. In fact, some of my socially conscious peers will rain criticism on me for distinguishing the particulars I have, when mass imprisonment and police brutality in our communities are a daily manifestation of State Terrorism; when military intervention over seas can be underscored to emphasize a perpetuation of imperial terrorism. But to others, to those I am hoping are reading this, it may have never occurred, that a terrorist can be anything other than a Muslim. And it wouldn’t be anybody’s fault for failing to really digest this notion, as the media has always carefully avoided ascribing the label to Whites.

I read there had been a shooting in Arizona at around 7am on Sunday morning. My eyes were weary from having just completed a 14 hour round trip to Virginia and back on a Chinatown bus. My mind immediately flooded with immigration and Arizona’s recent outlawing of Ethnic Studies programs, but having scanned the victim being a public official, I knew it was no Mexican! To me, that just wouldn’t seem real.. Perhaps to a Tea Partier, that conclusion would’ve automatically drawn out; but that’s where the world of propaganda doesn’t meet the world of the guy who just wants to cut your grass for an opportunity to struggle in this country. Before long I was reading about Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and her defense of Obama’s Healthcare Bill, her signing on to his economic agenda, her pro-choice track record, etc. The rage displayed in the eyes of the young man working my sisters wedding brought his face out before me before I could get a glimpse at Jared Lee Loughner.

Giffords saw that rage up front as it pursued to unload a 9mm glock into her head. She wasn’t only staring at her prospective assassin; she was looking at a fear she expressed on public record, come to pass.
“For example, we’re on Sarah Palin’s targeted list, but the thing is, that the way that she has it depicted has the crosshairs of a gun sight over our district. When people do that, they have to realize that there are consequences to that action,” Giffords once stated in reference to Palin’s strategy to include the graphic on her website.

There is a growing chorus of agreement that the gun-toting rhetoric used by Palin and her Tea Party/Fox News colleagues has created an atmosphere of tension, which is to blame for the massacre. We’ve all seen the videos of Palin shooting her gun and we’ve seen Tea Partiers show up to rallies packing their heat. I have been attending rallies since 2004; God forbid I should have brought a cane and not had a good excuse for doing so! God forbid a public official in the likes of a Charles Barron or Cynthia McKinney record him/herself shooting a gun – we’d be looking at jail time, if not the lid of our caskets from inside of it.

Giffords’ challenger in this past November’s elections, Jesse Kelly, went so far as to encourage supporters to fire an M-16 in expressing their solidarity with him against her (*which is particularly troubling when you consider that in her actually being PRO-GUN, it couldn’t have been a political statement against any anti-gun stance*)

But then there are those who have been careful about pinning blame or responsibility for such an action, on any political message. Mentally deranged they clarify Loughner was, and thus that it is unfair to bring the Tea Party up in discussion on the issue. Which I find interesting, because I’ve seen footage of some Tea Partiers who could proooobably tie a cherry stem into a straight jacket with the shit that comes out their mouths. And although observing some of Loughner’s writings it is evident something (alot of something) was not right, there are definitely catch phrases which I recognize to be code in Right Wing jargon: (IE: Federal Reserve and currency, backed by gold, the questioned constitutionality of government initiatives, etc.)
As I cited to someone on the issue, there are extremist Muslims whom liberal and moderate Muslims would write off as crazy as well; yet the U.S. government has sooner used them as an excuse to infiltrate Mosques and occupy the Middle East, then it has written them off as crazy.
Loughner even approaches the question of whether he could be considered a terrorist. I don’t cite this to say that it is justification for calling him a terrorist, I cite it as evidence that he actually had an awareness that what he was about to do was political in nature. It’s not like his mental disorder (perhaps he does have one) drove him to target just ANYBODY. He has stalked the congresswoman for years, knew to create youtube videos: fitting background music and all.
Surely, he got hooked to his specific aim, if not by affiliation with the extreme right; then by influence from them.

If it can be proven that Loughner received support from an organization; if he received guidance from a person who received support from an organization; or even if he received passive guidance from a person who got guidance from anyone who contributes support to an organization:: THAT ORGANIZATION ought to be investigated for terrorist related causes and their assets frozen for the duration of that investigation. If the law does not follow such process it would be of no surprise!

A former classmate of mine and fellow advocate of Independence for Puerto Rico, was detained and subject to a grand jury for protesting the U.S. military’s presence on Puerto Rico’s island of Vieques. The feds wanted names, and they were prepared to give him time if he didn’t speak up; this FOR PROTESTING! There was never an expressed concern of him being involved with any shooting, with any bombing, with any act of vandalism…
Timothy McVeigh gets the needle without any further action by the government to quash activity where his plans were imagined up; as is evident in the fact that 15 years after McVeigh’s murdering of 168 people in a building which held a day care, the feds were forced to deal with those Michigan 9 back in March. In drawing parallel the contexts of terrorism, why had the federal government not/*why have they still not*, occupied those forests and kept the National Guard posted to prevent further paramilitary exercise?

On my Freedom Walk for Puerto Rican National/Patriot Oscar Lopez Rivera (a man whose been in prison for his affiliation to a group *FALN*, as opposed to any direct connection with a specific act of violence: or in other words for his political beliefs), we passed a gun town in Maryland. We came across confederate flags, a national gun park, and gun ammunition stores along a good stretch towards the mountains of Pennsylvania. You wouldn’t know how freighted I was if you are White.. for even if you are an anti-war peacenik, there is an element of freight people of color have been warned with in this country. A certain kind of, terror. Gun shops don’t pop up in our neighborhoods. Hell, most of us have never even seen one…

It’s in those parts of the world, that gun ranges are getting more business these days.


Ironically, one of the victims of the shooting in Tucson was a 9 year old girl, whom was born on 9/11/2001, Christina Taylor Green. May she rest in Peace.
5 others lost their lives, and may they all rest in peace.

It is not with malice, or in any way to make light of the terrible tragedy January 8, 2011 was, despite how those whose violent rhetoric has built up to this, have attempted to turn the blame on their criticizers for making this political. But every event must serve as a teachable moment, for the sake of progress, and each citizen will look at each historic event through the lens relevant to how it plays out for them. If you were white in 1963 when 4 girls were bombed, you might have thought it was a terrible tragedy and wished it to never happen again.. but if you were Black, you experienced a new level of fear walking out of your door everyday.

I feel the need to highlight the matter of terrorism; for, the common notion in the post 9/11 age is that the U.S. as a whole is fighting to secure itself from foreign terror penetrating our borders. What about the terror which threatens us here, and specific to my own lens, what about the terror which has been ignored for far too long? The pending endemic of White terror? How will we protect ourselves from it if we do not name it like we name every other terror? Associate it where it breeds rather than isolating it to an individual and allowing inflammatory hate permeate in middle American cesspools of white, christian supremacy and white christian supremacy politics? In turn, how will we break from the perpetual criminalization of Brown people if we do not hold white people to account when they perpetuate like actions?
Brown people live with the reality that if one of us does something wrong, they do it at the risk of having 5, 10, 100 others rounded up unlawfully; rights to privacy violated. Such injustice is caused for the SPECIFIC reasons I have cited; terrorism, violence, are reserved to be viewed as a Brown issue.

It’s really not a tit-for-tat.
I was troubled reading yet again, how in the following article:
Ted Kaczynski is labeled as (unibomber), Eric Rudolf as (abortion clinic bomber), and Timothy McVeigh as (Oklahoma City Bomber). Yet then a distinction is made when referring to Zacarias Moussaoui as (terrorist). It isn’t simply bad journalism.. it is social conditioning. I hate to draw any parallel between myself and Lougner, but, mind control if you will. I do not suppose it is purposeful, but it shows the arrogant and clumsy journalism which informs us on a day to day basis. Rather than list Loughner’s lawyer as the Woman whom defended terrorists: (list all to follow) The divide is put up so as almost to say, these are the ones that happened already, THIS is the one we have to continue to worry about. As with everything threatening to the status quo and our perceptions of all-America; swept under the carpet, passed over.
Well EXCUSE ME… I infact am VERY afraid, and not just of how many more Moussaoui’s there are!


It is time to call them for who they are!

-Tone Are


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